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Inspired by Montessori philosophy, Kasemsasna Montessori School (KSS) was first founded as a nursery house under the name  of Montessori Children's House in 2014, serving children from 3 to 6 years old. It began the way many other schools are established, with a small amount of children in a single classroom. Currently, KSS Montessori School offers a full range of classrooms from toddler to elementary level. ​Still, we consider ourselves small and seeking to learn.

Our mission is to offer a learning environment that meets intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of children. We want KSS to be a place where children feel confident to express their individuality and are inspired for their life long desire for learning.

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Kriengkrai Veerarittiphan, Founder & School Director

Meet Our




  • Kriengkrai  Veerarittiphan

    School Director

    M.Eng. (Management of Technology) Vanderbilt University, U.S.A.

    At KSS, children are prepared not only for their academic development but more importantly for LIFE.  Life skills such as being responsible, being independent, having a good work ethic and having a strong moral compass are equally crucial for being good citizens of the world.

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    Chanchai Veerarittiphan


    MSc. (Computer Engineering) 

    North Carolina State University, USA.

    I'm involved with KSS since the beginning, when it was a Montessori Children's house in 2014.  In these past few years, I've seen Montessori classrooms nurture children to be independent, confident, and more importantly, happy.

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    Methinee Phongpraphapahn


    Master of Logistics Management

    University of Sydney, Australia

    The Montessori course I took many years ago completely altered my perspective toward children. It revealed the fact that children have so many capabilities and  that they learn things naturally. As an adult, it's important for us to simply trust & encourage them to independently do what they can.

  • Nutthawan  Borvornrubporn

    B.Ed (English) 

    Suandusit University, Thailand

    My first aspiration to be a teacher was that I wanted to see children growing up to be good citizens in our society. With 15 years of experience in a vocational school, I firmly believe that a person needs to cultivate virtuous traits at a very young age. These traits are as important as other cognitive skills in order to become a successful person.  I hope that at KSS I can help children to complete their journey to become decent adults.

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    Nattanit  Eapaisai

    B.A. (English) 

    Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand

    I am a new comer to KSS Montessori school. I have nearly 3 years of experience in the educational field. I am very excited to be a part of this KSS team and looking forward to the knowledge and experience that I will be exposed to. At the same time, I am very keen on being a good team player and help implementing the Montessori way.

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    Ratchadarak Intachai

    B.A. (English)

    Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand

    As a librarian, I think it's important for us to foster the love of reading to our children. I've done my best to make KSS library to be not only interesting but also cozy & warm. Therefore, our children would love to read & visit more. 

B.A. (English)

Chiang Rai Rajabaht University, Thailand


  • Ruvinie  Nanayakkara

    AMI Certified 

    Good Shepherd MM Training Center, Sri Lanka

    I always appreciate the opportunities  to be a part of a child's life. I have developed the curriculum for academic strength, rich in the arts  and in close connection with nature, which provides children with skills to become independent learners. I hope to expand 'peace education'.

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    Kesanee  Saffles

    B.A.A. (Accounting) 

    Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand

    Learning through play and child-centered activities is well suited for young children. They have fun in learning. I like helping them to know concepts, to come to concentration, and to become more confident and independent.


  • Dharsana Bijoy Arangath

    AMI Certified 

    Sir Ratan Tata Institute, India

    It was circumstance that brought me to Montessori many years ago. It has been the greatest thing that I have ever stumbled across in my life. Each day, I see my students exceeding my expectations. The Montessori method instills in the children the best gift we could learn: "The Love for Learning". I still learn new things each day, and my love for learning will never die.

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    Pimpawan  Sittikeaw

    B.A. (English) 

    Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand

    As a co-teacher in a Montessori classroom, I am ready to help the children to naturally develop their skills to their full potential. I will do my best to support and guide them in their learning and growing to be good citizen of the world.

  • Shikha Kaushik

    AMI Certified 

    The Montessori Training Research Trust, India

    I was initially introduced to Montessori pedagogy when I was pursuing my Master’s degree in England. Working with children has given me an opportunity to appreciate them better and empowers me to become a guide for them on their path of development. Being a guide, it gives me an immense pleasure seeing them working with profound focus, joy and happiness.

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    Watcharee  Wongsuwan

    M.A. (Chinese Linguistic & Literature)

    Ningbo University of China, China

    It has been 3 years working in a Primary Montessori classroom at KSS, and it has given me a new perspective on how children learn and how we as adults, help them learn and grow. In a Montessori classroom, we encourage children to do things by themselves even though they make mistakes. Through making mistakes, children discover more and in turn become more creative & confident.


  • Olubukola Ogunkoya

    AMS Certified

    Houston Montessori Center, USA

    I came across Montessori in 2004 and this led me to take my foray into the Montessori journey. I took 3-6 training and worked in 3-6 class before going for my Elementary training from Houston Montessori Center, USA between 2010/2013. My hobbies are reading a good novel and traveling to new places.

    I believe that the best gift you can give a child is the ability to take them from being a rough stone to a shining diamond, changing the history of our time.

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    Sirinda  Thammaransiri

    B.Sc. (Chemistry)

    Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand

    I have always loved the sciences and that's why I chose to pursue a science degree  many years ago at CRRU. I started teaching sciences in 2009 and once had a hands-on Montessori experience a couple years ago. I love doing crafts and strongly believe that we learn best through the movement of our hands. 

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    Tracey  Durey

    AMI Certified

    Australian Center for Montessori Studies,


    I have always enjoyed working with children but it was not until I came across Montessori that I could picture myself in the role of a teacher. At first, I was drawn to the hands-on materials and the level of autonomy that children have to explore their interests. For me as an educator, it is important to take a holistic approach to learning that instils curiosity and helps the child to develop into a unique and capable individual.

  • Harry Kievits

    Montessori Certified

    Amsterdam University of Applied Science, The Natherlands

    After working in Montessori education in Holland for seven years. I decided

    to broaden my horizons and come to Chiang Rai. It's a pleasure to be able

    to witness children becoming literate in our school. Once they have become proficient readers, they have such a powerful tool at their disposal to discover the world.

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    Wanwilai  Donchai

    B.Ed. (Elementary)

    Chiang Rai Teachers Collage, Thailand

    Teaching in a bi-lingual school is challenging for me due to a variety of student nationalities. However, with our small class sizes our children get all the attention they need. During our Thai lessons, children learn not only how to read & write Thai, but also a bit of culture and history.

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    Malee  Phanwilai

    B.Ed. (Elementary)

    Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand

    I've taught Thai for first & second graders for more than 10 years in Thai public schools. At KSS, I make use of those experiences to run my Thai classes here. It's been my pleasure to see how bi-lingual students happily & confidently gain their Thai language skills.

  • Raveewun  Chantrapornt

    B.Ed. (Early Childhood)

    Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand

    Teaching Thai at elementary level becomes my expertise over the past decade. I had worked at Anuban Chaing Rai School for 6-7 years before my retirement. This is my first time joining a Montessori school. Children here are happy, eager to learn and very creative. It is my intention to teach all children to the best of my ability and knowledge.

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    Utcharaporn Surin

    B.Ed. (Thai)

    Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand

    Although we are a bi-lingual school, Thai language is perceived as the most significant part of  Thai identity.  Therefore, our goal is to teach our children to be able to read & write Thai as fluent as regular Thai students. Children are sensitive to language at a very young age, and it's always interesting to witness them discover their language abilities by themselves.

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    Teerapong  Kaiking

    B.Ed. (Physical Education)

    Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Thailand

    I've found a strong connection between P.E. & Montessori education since both allow children to practice hands-on activities. During P.E. lessons, the children have a chance to develop many skills such as body movements, large-motor skills, and sportmanship.  With my education & professional experience, I'm confident that my classes will always be interesting, fun, and challenging for the children to be a part of. 

Kitchen & garden

  • Jularut  Meesomboon

    We try our best to select quality ingredients for lunches & snacks because we know that food is crucial for life, especially for children . Everyday, we make sure that we serve healthy, clean and tasty food for all of us.

  • Chamaiporn  Pongrungsee

    Even though we let our children play freely on the playground, we always keeps an eye on them in order to keep them away from serious injury. Children love to run around the school and get wet in the sandpit and we help them get ready for class again.

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    Kamma  Ranron

    My main job is to keep the garden beautiful. I'm happy when I see the children are enjoying themselves; happily running and playing during recess. We have many different fruit trees on the grounds. Also, we replant the football pitch every year with the help of an outside team of gardener.

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